First Contact: How and Why It Will Change the Planet

All things considered, my companions, I trust you have delighted to some degree one of our First Contact arrangement, and got acquainted with the idea. In the present release, we will investigate why and how First Contact will change things for us.

The first and most crucial effect will be the acknowledgment, that we as a whole are the same.

We are largely Humans! There is no contrast between us, in light of race, religion, sexual orientation, political perspectives and so forth., and so forth. Quickly will we build up the understanding that we as a whole need to deal with each other, as opposed to battle about moment, insignificant issues. It will rapidly wind up evident, that each one of those enhancing issues are for the most part made up and advanced by the first class, with a specific end goal to shield us from seeing reality, and thusly getting to be mindful of their strategies. Ravenousness and unequal open doors will never again be endured. Indeed, even at this moment, without First Contact, individuals are beginning to perceive and contradict the ways and impact of the corporate tip top.

Aggregation of riches will at present be alright, however it won’t be founded on covetousness and unbalanced laws, developed to support only a favored few, yet in view of laws that guarantee square with open door for all. An equivalent, campaign free, good judgment based political framework. Each one of those vital changes will come to fruition on account of the weight from the, up to this point overlooked, 99% of the earths populace. As individuals begin, and don’t become tied up with the smoke screen of decent variety, hurled by the tip top by means of their controlled media, the normal individuals will apply their capacity and achieve the coveted changes. (Be that as it may, after some time this sort of political framework will be supplanted by an “Information based Society”). Obviously, at first, toward the start, there will be some protection from the coming changes in any case, finished a fairly brief timeframe it will all take its regular course and things will go their characteristic path, guided by the new conditions.

Presently, there is one all the more thing that we have to address in those progressions. It’s the subject of religion! Eastern religions are more in light of an otherworldly way of life, as opposed to moored in a creed, similar to our three principle religions in the west. We will manage the place of religion in a later part in more detail. For the present, allows simply recognize that our religious perspectives should be rethought and changed in accordance with the new reality-.

If it’s not too much trouble focus here. I have said RELIGION should be balanced, not the BELIEF in GOD. Definitely there is a higher power out there. Be that as it may, religion is man rolled out and thusly subject to improvement, as we have seen over history. Religion has been is as yet being utilized to make and impact governmental issues, and additionally being the premise of most wars battled all through history, up to the present. As I said previously, since religion is an extremely unstable subject for some individuals, we will manage this inquiry in more detail in another part of the arrangement.

As should be obvious my companions, there will be numerous progressions, in numerous territories, coming toward us when First Contact is set up. In this way, in our next part of the arrangement, we will investigate the foreseen changes in our economy, society and natural practices.